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We have compiled all the questions our customers frequently ask us!


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Where do you source your seafood from?

We have established relationships with the most reputable fish merchants in the business and only buy quality produce. We make daily trips to the wholesale fish markets and personally inspect all the produce before we buy it - maintaining the highest quality our customers have become used to is at the forefront of what we do

Is your seafood sustainable?

Yes! We only buy sustainable seafood directly from fish merchants who adhere to our strict standards. We constantly monitor this and ensure each of our products can be traced back to source, caught with respect to sustainable methods.

How big are your prawns?

As an approximation, most prawns fall within the 1.5-3 inches bracket. Obviously no two prawns are the same and we can't measure each and every one, otherwise no one would get their favourite Fishy Bits in time! We package our prawns according to weight and you will always get the weight you pay for!


Can you delivery outside of Bromley?

We hand deliver all of our seafood in fully refrigerated vans and to maintain the highest quality standards and freshness we stick to the Bromley and surrounding areas only. However, we are happy to cater for events outside of this area by arrangement. For bulk orders, we would also be happy to help you outside of Bromey - contact us here or call Ian on 07976 784 886.

Can you deliver outside of the Friday-Sunday delivery days?

We spend Monday-Thursday sourcing the best possible seafood for our delivery days, so we are unable to accomodate small midweek orders. However, we will always try to help when we can! For large orders midweek contact us here or call Ian to discuss your requirements.


Why have your prices increased?

For those that have been our customers since day one, they will know we have never increased our prices before and have remained the most competitive seafood supplier in Bromley. We have had to increase our prices due to the wholesale price increasing for the products we buy. We had a straight choice of increasing our prices or buying cheaper product that wasn't to the standards our customers are used to. To us, it was no contest - we will only buy quality seafood from reputable fish merchants. We hope agree this was the right move. Although the prices have marginally increased, we have now started promotions and offers, so there is still great value to be found.

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Fishy Bits are a small well established family business based in Bromley, Kent. We offer the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood available. We are now offering our services with contact free delivery to your doorstep using our refrigerated vans.



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